When to Consider Brown Spot Removal Treatment

When to Consider Brown Spot Removal Treatment


Over time, as your skin is exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, it begins to develop dark spots. Many people begin to notice the appearance of brown spots later in life as their skin ages. However, few people know how to remove brown spots on the face, or that there are laser treatments for age spots available. Here’s what you should consider before you schedule your first brown spot removal appointment.

Brown Spots Get Harder to Treat with Time

When you first begin noticing brown spots on your skin, it may not seem like such a big deal. Brown spots are simply a change in pigmentation and do not necessarily reflect a risk of skin cancer or any other health problems. However, as you age, you will notice that brown spots get darker and closer together. As skin spots compound it becomes more difficult for lasers to effectively penetrate the damaged skin. This means that repeated treatments may be required to see results, or you may have to live with some brown spots permanently.

When To Remove Skin Spots

While there is no medical imperative to have dark spots removed, many people want brown spots on their skin to go away to preserve their skin tone. The best time to begin treatment is when you start noticing that the dark spots are affecting the appearance of your skin and beginning to build up. Using a laser for brown spots during the early stages will maximize your results and give you more time to protect your skin from further sun damage.

You will need to speak to a laser treatment specialist who can assess your dark spots and determine whether or not they are suitable for laser treatment. Since the laser is absorbed by the dark spots and does not tend to penetrate the lighter skin, it is possible that some of your spots may be too light for treatment at first.

If you’ve begun noticing brown spots on your face, hands or shoulders, you probably already know that you want to seek treatment in the near future. The sooner you undergo a laser treatment, the better your results are likely to be. If you put off treatment for too long, you may find that a single laser treatment is not enough to fully remove the appearance of spots.

To learn more about whether or not your skin is ready for brown spot removal, contact the Miami Center for Plastic Surgery today. Our doctors are here to assess your brown spots and set you up with a treatment plan right away.