Pre-Operative Instructions

3 weeks before surgery

NO SMOKING FROM THIS TIME FORWARD FOR SMOKERS. This is imperative because by constricting blood vessels nicotine reduces blood flow and, therefore, healing. Many use this as their time to stop permanently which Dr. Salloum recommends.

2 weeks before surgery


NO IBPROFEN OR ANTI-INFLAMMATORY MEDICATIONS. Tylenol may be taken on an “as needed” basis but try to limit intake especially 1 week prior to surgery.

DISCONTINUE ALL HERBAL MEDICATIONS as they may have deleterious side effects for the surgery.

NO DIET PILLS as these may affect blood pressure, heart rate, and anesthesia.

NO LARGE DOSES OF VITAMIN E as this may affect bleeding negatively. Multivitamins which have Vitamin E are okay to continue.

1 week before surgery and 1 week after surgery

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES as this may affect bleeding negatively.

NO COUGH OR COLD MEDICINES unless given specific permission to do so.

DO practice good hygiene to the region to be operated upon. This includes shampooing hair and cleaning with antibacterial soaps (e.g. Lever 2000, Safeguard).

DO report any fever, cough, infection, or skin changes before surgery.

DO make postoperative arrangements.

An adult driver must be able to bring you home on the day of your procedure if it is an outpatient procedure. A responsible adult should be available to stay with you at home as needed until you can manage on your own.

Ask Dr. Salloum if you have any questions regarding how long this time frame should be based on your procedure.

Night before surgery / Morning of surgery

NO eating or drinking anything after midnight. Please clear any necessary pills with Dr. Salloum.

DO brush your teeth but do not drink water. Make sure you shower and wash hair the night before your surgery.

DO NOT wear any make-up, hair gels, deodorant, powder, sprays, lotions on day of surgery

DO NOT wear contact lenses. Bring eyeglass case if you wear glasses.

DO NOT bring any valuables with you.

DO NOT wear any piercings.

Be sure to wear comfortable, loose clothing that don’t need to be put on over your head. Button-up tops and pull up pants are best.

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