The Benefits of a Chin Augmentation

The Benefits of a Chin Augmentation


A chin augmentation is a facial enhancement procedure with many benefits, such as age reduction and facial transformation. It involves placing an implant into the chin to create a better balance among facial features, correct deformities and accentuate the face’s natural beauty.

Though a chin augmentation is specifically meant to combat the effects of aging, the benefits of this procedure can meet a variety of needs beyond this. We have listed a few of the advantages of a chin augmentation below and how it can transform your face, as well as your life.

1. Customizable

One of the great things about chin implants are that they are customizable to the individual by offering different looks based on personal preferences. They are available in a wide-variety of sizes and styles, and have the ability to create or restore contours by reshaping the chin and jaw line according to the desires of the patient.

2. Natural Appearance

Chin implants are designed to mimic a natural bone structure. As such, each result is performed in a highly customized manner so that results are apparent, yet not exaggerated, and the only telltale sign of having the surgery performed is a minute scar.

When You Should Consider an Implant

If you’re not sure whether your face could benefit from a chin implant, we have listed a few reasons below as to why some people consider a chin augmentation.

– A weak and receding chin
– A thin or receding jawline
– Lost facial contours due to aging
– Facial asymmetry
– Deformities resulting from injury or congenital conditions

Chin implants offer a variety of outcomes, so it’s best to review your options with your surgeon before planning your new look.

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