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Doctor Salloum is really great at giving natural results

Doctor Salloum is really great at giving natural results. I think he lives by the philosophy that less is more. Everyone says that my nose looks like the nose that I should have been born with. I highly recommend him.

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  • muri21

Dr. Salloum is not only a talented plastic surgeon, but a caring and compassionate person

I found Dr. Salloum by chance and he then became involved in many aspects of my life. Dr. shares an office with my dermatologist and we initially met while I was undergoing surgery for a skin cancer on my nose. As the hole in my nose kept growing from the needed surgery, Dr. Salloum was kind enough to stay for the afternoon and help my dermatologist stitch me up. While waiting for test results, doctor and I spoke of his background and facelift treatments he would suggest for me since I had previously met with another plastic surgeon who suggested a chin implant, rhinoplasty and neck liposuction.

Dr. Salloum had a much less invasive procedure in which he would sculpt my neck to make it appear that my chin was more pronounced and not perform liposuction as that fat tends to come back. Instead, he cut the fat away and strengthened the muscle underlying my neck, lifted my cheeks and removed some deep lines on either side of my face. I am one of the lucky ones that heals quickly and by my fourth week of recovery saw outstanding results. Friends remarked that I looked ten years younger. Six weeks into recovery, my hairdresser couldn’t believe my hairline; every other one of his clients had theirs raised higher; mine remained where it has always been and occurs naturally. Now completely healed, no one can tell. At my daughter’s wedding, 4 months after surgery; I was ready for the professional photographer and close friends who remarked on the amazing job Dr. Salloum performed. Two of my doctor’s friends were eyeing me at the reception and pulling my hair back to admire my scars and were astonished at both the results and quick recovery.

Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about six months after my neck lift, so I called Dr. Salloum to consult. He recommended on oncological surgeon, one of many I interviewed and the one I chose to perform my thyroidectomy. Dr. Salloum kindly attended the surgery to stitch me up as I was afraid of having my beautiful new neck being destroyed.

Dr. Salloum is not only a talented plastic surgeon, but a caring and compassionate person. I recommend talking to him about any procedure one might need. He even gave me advice about my daughter, who lives in another state and he was willing to freely consult with her through use of photos.

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  • Kaman

Your staff is wonderful and always made sure everything was taken care of such as insurance.

Dear Dr. Salloum,

Once I tested positive for the BRAC gene I did extensive research on breast cancer and what my options were. After four years of research and having to have a biopsy after mammograms and MRI’s every six months for the last two years, I decided I had enough and knew I wanted a specialized procedure: D.I.E.P. Flap Breast Reconstruction. Researching this procedure showed me there were very few surgeons in South Florida that preformed this exact procedure. I really did not want to go out of state but was beginning to believe I would need to.

I was given your name by my gynecological oncologist and set up an appointment right away. I immediately knew you were the surgeon for me. Even though I had done research and was able to explain to you what I wanted, you still made sure I understood the procedure completely. Your staff is wonderful and always made sure everything was taken care of such as insurance, additional tests, and coordinating with the breast surgeon.

This is not an easy decision for anyone to make but I knew for me, a 44 year old mother of 9 year old twins, I had to do this. The surgery and recuperation time was exactly how you said it would be as long as I followed your directions. Nine weeks after surgery I was on vacation with my family in the Carolina’s. We went white water rafting, horseback riding, and hiking. I feel wonderful.

You and your staff continue to be very responsive and caring. Thank you for making a difficult decision much easier because of your attitude towards your patients. Thank you also for making my husband comfortable since he was a nervous wreck during this time. If I ever decide to have any other procedures you are the only one I would call. I will definitely tell everyone I know to see you and your staff. I will be more than willing to speak to any of your patients who may be facing the same decision I was.

Thank you and your staff again for being caring and understanding of your patients’ needs.

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  • Abby Reiskind

Dr Salloum was always available to talk to me.

Dear Dr. Salloum:

I had a brief chat to a surgeon a couple of years ago as I had been thinking about breast augmentation, my breasts had changed and I wanted them back to where they were prior to my pregnancies. I was not comfortable with the Doctor and felt anxious. I was concerned that I would look too big and as I am very active — did not want this to be a hindrance to my activity levels.

I met Dr Salloum last year and after talking to him about the possibility of surgery, he assured me that it could be a simple procedure that would have great results. He was confident and calm and I immediately felt at ease.

The surgery was quick and I was in and out of hospital the same day. Although I was rather anxious prior to the surgery — I was made to feel more relaxed and confident by the nurses and hospital staff. Dr Salloum eventually made the decision about the size of the implants, and assured me he would use the size that would suit my body.

I recovered quickly and within 2 days I was out shopping (for my new body) and having lunch with friends. After a few weeks I was exercising and after following Dr Salloums advice, I healed perfectly. Dr Salloum was always available to talk to me and never too busy to answer my questions and my concerns.

Now, 5 months after my surgery I am delighted with the result. No one has noticed that I have had surgery- except that I am constantly told how great I look! My breasts look completely natural and are the perfect size for my body. I have the tiniest scars: they are barely visible. I am back to playing sports and feel fantastic. My clothes all fit me better and wearing a bikini is an entirely new experience!

The entire experience was incredibly easy and very positive. I would highly recommend Dr Salloum — for his patience, care and professionalism. He is obviously a highly skilled surgeon as well as having a relaxed and informal manner that put me at ease immediately. (Genius!)

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  • M Nicci

Your dedication to patient care and perfection has delivered a very positive result.

Dear Dr. Salloum,

Imagine my devastation to be 34 and diagnosed with breast cancer. As a Registered Nurse, not only did I have higher standards for my surgeon, but I was also privileged to multiple medical opinions. When researching my options for bilateral breast reconstruction, your name was the one recommended by both the medical profession and the community.

Throughout this journey, I have never once doubted my decision to have you for my surgeon. Your dedication to patient care and perfection has delivered a very positive result — one that I thought was not possible.

Due to the nature of my surgery, I have had the pleasure of visiting your office weekly for several months. Imagine my surprise to find a doctor who was not only talented, but prompt, caring and thorough. Your staff has handled every detail with professionalism and efficiency.

There is not another phenomenal team that I would travel eight hours round-trip, once a week, to have care for me. It has been my pleasure to recommend you to my colleagues, family and friends. I never miss an opportunity to share our success story!

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  • Jo Thevenet

I am so happy that I chose you for my surgeon.

Dear Dr. Gabe,

I want to take this opportunity to tell you how very much I appreciate you and your expertise in the field of plastic surgery.

From the moment I met you I was impressed with you and your office staff. The moment I walked into your office it was a good experience. Your office staff is friendly and professional, explaining the forms I had to fill out and making me feel quite at home.

You more than exceeded my expectations in all areas of our interactions. You answered all of my questions forthrightly and in great detail, listened carefully to what I had to say in a respectful, thoughtful way. At no time did I feel rushed in and out. Actually, you spent far more time speaking with me about my needs and concerns then any of the other Doctors I had previously interviewed. My first meeting with you gave me great confidence in you both as a person and a surgeon.

My first impressions proved to be more than true. My surgery went exceedly well and I am told that I look gorgeous. My fiance is totally “wowed”. Everyone I meet during the course of my business day tells me how wonderful I look.

I am so happy that I chose you for my surgeon. Your expertise is amazing. I have virtually no scarring less than three weeks after the face lift! As a matter of fact, I was out for brunch at our country club three days after you performed the surgery!

I have already given your name and number to several of my friends and acquaintances. It has also been my pleasure to give your name to many of the physicians I know as a superb plastic surgeon referral to their patients.

Please feel free at any time to give my name and phone number to anyone who needs to see or hear about what a wonderful Plastic Surgeon you are. I would be more than delighted to tell them all about the beautiful work you did for me.

Thank you so very much!

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  • Nancy Ackerman

I cannot say enough positive things about the care provided to me by Dr. Salloum.

Dear Dr. Salloum,

Throughout my twenties, thirties, and forties I thought that I would never consider cosmetic surgery for myself. Then my fifties arrived and I became increasingly dissatisfied with changes in my appearance caused by aging.

During my initial consultation with Dr. Salloum, I explained that I simply wanted to turn the clock back a few years. It was essential to me that whatever he did look natural. Dr. Salloum listened to all that I had to say. He made recommendations that he felt would help me reach my goals. I followed his advice and could not be more pleased with the results. When I run into people that have not seen me in a while, they make comments such as, “You look so rested, did you just come back from vacation?” or “Have you lost weight or changed your hair color?”. No one has guessed the true reasons for the changes in me, I have to tell them.

I cannot say enough positive things about the care provided to me by Dr. Salloum. In addition to his superlative surgical skills, he has deep concern and compassion for his patients.He is very gracious and down-to-earth. Never once did he act as though he was pressed for time, even though I know he must have been. I have been an RN for twenty years and am able to recognize quality medical care when I see it. I absolutely know that I received the very best of care from Dr. Salloum.

So, if you have been debating with yourself about having cosmetic surgery — do yourself a big favor. Make an appointment for an initial consultation. What have you got to lose besides a little time? It may be the first step in a journey that will give you a new lease on life. I know that it was for me.

Fondest regards.

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  • Melinda

Attentive Doctor.

Dr. Salloum is the definition of an attentive doctor who provides personalized service. I appreciate all that he and his staff did for me.

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  • Audrey C.

All of the office staff is very professional

My wife had Breast replacement, from defective implanuts from another Doctor.
She is very happy, no bruising or scaring, and perfect gentleman.
All of the office staff is very professional, and follow up calls with my wife where beyond what we expect it.

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  • Diego saav

Thank you very much Doctor!

10 stars if it were an option! Dr. Gabriel Salloum took care of my 2 year old son, about 6 months a go, when he accidentally opened his forehead and needed stitches.

He was on vacation, and flying back to Miami when I called him. He came to meet us at Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room as soon as he landed without any hesitation.

When we arrived in the hospital, he had already arranged for a nurse and child doctor to assist us immediately. The baby was given a form of sedation that allowed for him to not be over medicated or traumatized by the experience. Dr. Salloum did an amazing job with the double stitches (inside and outside the wound) to fix my sons injury.

As a result, he now has a beautiful, clean forehead again :-) Worth mentioning is the level of true empathy and care that we have received from Dr. Salloum on the day of the injury and the weeks following up on my son's healing progress.

Thank you very much Doctor! We'll probably be back again (considering my child's hyperactivity levels)

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